Amateur Gardening 19 September 2020 cover

Amateur Gardening 19 September
Free seeds worth £2.40, plus:


Jobs for this week

It’s All About Perennials
Whether you’re lifting, dividing or cutting
back, there’s loads to keep you busy, says Ruth

Divide To Fill The Garden
More plants for free? Ruth shows you which
of your perennials to divide and conquer

Rose Care In Autumn
The dormant months mean plenty of opportunities to give your roses some
tender loving care

Bare-Root Rose Planting
Guarantee that your plants take quickly and develop strong root systems with Ruth’s guide

Planting Bulbs For Spring
Get great results with minimum effort – and without burning a hole in your pocket!

Free Seeds And Bird Watch
Grow a sweet and uplifting viola mix with Amateur Gardening 19 September free seeds


Great garden ideas

Prettiest Primroses
Want to enjoy early spring blooms? Make sure these plantings are on your September to-do list

Unexpected Bulbs
Bring a touch of the unusual to containers and borders with these stunning bulb ideas

Spring Anemones
Try these compact gems as an undemanding and inexpensive way to add a splash of colour


Gardening wisdom

Peter Seabrook
Enjoy a real consistency in your tomato harvests with some F1 hybrid varieties, says Peter

Bob Flowerdew
Don’t throw away any less-than-perfect apple picks – they still have a purpose, says Bob

Val Bourne
If you hear a green woodpecker nearby then rejoice! It’s a sure sign of rain, says Val

Lucy Chamberlain’s Fruit and Veg
Focus on dessert apples, blitz weeds for winter, re-use old compost, ripen outdoor toms

Ask John Negus
Honeysuckle from seed, best roses to grow on a wall, verbena cutback, strange dahlias

Anne Swithinbank’s Masterclass
Find out how to remove ground elder from a lily of the valley with Anne’s useful guide

All Our Yesterdays
It’s a floribunda spectacular, as more of the best cluster-flowered roses are revealed

A Gardener’s Miscellany
Graham Clarke declares peace in our time – as the theme for this week’s trivia and puzzles

How To Use
Find out the best ways to enjoy cosy evenings in the garden with these fire bowls and baskets

Letters to Wendy
AG readers on the results of free seeds, magic marigolds and a mislabelled plant surprise

Toby Buckland
His acacia may be on its last legs, but a pergola is sure to help support Toby’s grape harvest

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Cover: Anemone coronaria (pic: Alamy)