Amateur Gardening cover 2 June 2018

What’s in Amateur Gardening
2 June

Free seeds worth £2.29


Jobs for this week

To lift or not to lift bulbs
Ruth explains the pros and cons of lifting spring bulbs

Prune early bloomers
How to cut back early flowering shrubs

How to stay in the pink
Take cuttings and plant out last year’s pinks, says Ruth Hayes

Free seeds: Hollyhock
Create a border ‘backbone’ with some gorgeous giants


Great garden ideas

Pick of the very best: Diascias
Sun-loving favourites that are equally good in containers

How to mix and match colour
Six top plant colour combinations for summer

Super-nectar plants
Best annuals and perennials for more bees and butterflies

Iceland poppies
Easy to grow and well worth the wait, says Graham Rice

Get the look
A garden dedicated to self-sufficiency


Gardening wisdom

Peter Seabrook
Peter explains how to get £1,000 for your rose bloom

Bob Flowerdew
Grow beans for great veg and add fertility to the soil, says Bob

Val Bourne’s garden wildlife
There is more wildlife in the city than you think, says Val

Lucy Chamberlain’s fruit and veg
Plant out squashes, feed fruits, summer care for tomatoes

Anne’s masterclass
Anne Swithinbank looks at summer plants for dry shady areas

Ask John Negus
Your gardening questions answered quickly and personally

How to grow honeysuckle
A lovely climber for pretty blooms and intoxicating scent, says Anne Swithinbank

Gardener’s miscellany
Green gardening is the theme for facts, puzzles and fancies

Your letters
Stencilled greenhouse, grow your own coffee and reader’s tip

Toby Buckland
Toby’s in a bit of a bind this week dealing with a certain weed


News and product tests

Latest news
RHS to build new national centre for horticulture

Tried and tested
Tim tests six seed and fertiliser spreaders

Cover photograph: Papaver ‘Pacino’ (pic: Alamy)