Amateur Gardening cover 20 April 2019 cover

What’s in this issue
Free seeds worth £3.05, plus:


Jobs for this week

How To Lay A Simple Stone Path
Ruth walks you through the job in four
easy steps

Bank Holiday Jobs
How to use the extra days to get the
garden in shape

Get The Greenhouse Ready
Prepare the foundations for a year of
positive growth

Free Sarah Raven Seeds!
Ruth show you how to sow and grow
these border beauties


Great garden ideas

Six Of The Very Best: Cherry Tomatoes
What’s the best to grow? Presenting the top toms…

How To Grow Violas
Anne’s guide to glorious groundcover in a rainbow of colours

Containers Of Fire
Blaze a trail in your patch with these dramatic plant combos

Pots Of Perfume
How to select clever floral mixes for amazing garden scents

Get The Look: Colourful Cottage Garden
A touching and inspiring tribute to a beloved landscaper


Gardening wisdom

Peter Seabrook
This week, a great tip for an outstanding trailing pansy

Bob Flowerdew
Lend support to crops with homegrown canes, says Bob

Val Bourne’s Garden Wildlife
It seems a foreign stowaway has been discovered at Wisley…

Lucy Chamberlain’s Fruit and Veg
Focus on squash, start off leeks, and take herb cuttings

Ask John Negus
Plants for shade, leafy concerns, planting out blackcurrants

Anne’s Masterclass
Anne explains the best ways to grow sumptuous aubergines

RHS Explains: Weeds
How exactly do weeds work? The RHS has the answer…

A Gardener’s Miscellany
Magnolia is the subject of this week’s trivia and quizzes

Your Letters
Britain’s oldest tree, memories of lavender, reader’s tips

Toby Buckland
Plants communicate far more than you realise, says Toby


Garden News, Product Tests

Latest News
RHS appeals for smart planting plans to protect from deer

Tried And Tested
What is the best lawn repair kit? Tim reveals the winner


Cover image (GAP): Gazania ‘Tiger Striped Mix’