Amateur Gardening cover 20 October 2018

What’s In Amateur Gardening
20 October

Free seeds worth £2.29


Jobs for this week

Autumn Priorities
Ruth’s guide to keeping things clean in
the garden

How To Grow Wallflowers
Bare-root planting will bring autumn cheer, says Ruth

Lilies for Borders and Containers
Some exotic glamour for those sunny, sheltered spots

Free Seeds and What’s On
Ruth explains how to sow your free cornflower ‘Black Ball’

Great garden ideas

Pick of the Best: Sweet Peas
We whittle the 64 RHS AGMs down to the very best six!

Best Climbers For Shade
Martyn Cox chooses six upstanding plants that need less sun

Plants to Warm Up Winter
Fiery reds and vibrant yellows that will cheer up your garden

Cold Season Containers
Nine cool picks for winter colour, foliage and fragrance

Get The Look: The Rose Garden
A classic English garden to delight rose lovers

Gardening wisdom

Peter Seabrook
If space for apples is tight then grafting can help, says Peter

Bob Flowerdew
Now’s the time to plant a tree, and here Bob shows you how

Val Bourne’s Garden Wildlife
Understanding the best plants for native ladybirds

Lucy Chamberlain’s Fruit and Veg
Conserving carrots, sowing broad beans, preventing fruit pests

Ask John Negus: Autumn Special
Stubborn weeds, starting again with amaryllis, tight planting

Anne’s Masterclass
Anne explains how you can cultivate a meadow

How To Grow Viburnums
Try these captivating snowballs of delicately scented colour

A Garden’s Miscellany
The delightful daffodil is the subject of trivia and puzzles

Your Letters
Artificial grass, so many melons, shoo-fly, and fantastic Mr Fox

Toby Buckland
There are quite a few spooky goings-on in Toby’s garden

Latest news, product and tests

New Products
Great new products at the Glee trade show in Birmingham

Latest News
Slug repellents are ineffective, says a special report by the RHS

Tried and Tested: Transplanting Spades
We test six special spades that will help you to dig deep


Cover photo: Viola cornuta ‘Sorbet Sunny Royale’ (pic: Alamy)