Amateur Gardening cover April 21 2018 for web

What’s in Amateur Gardening 21 April 2018

Free seeds worth £2.99

Jobs for this week

Spring cuttings special
Best techniques for taking softwood and basal cuttings

Dahlias – from seed and cuttings
How Ruth makes more plants from spring shoots

Citrus care in spring
Get your fruit trees ready to move outside

Divide alpine cuttings
Pot-on last summer’s rockery cuttings, says Ruth

Free seeds: Pansy Mr F’S Early Mixed F1
Plus how to sow indoors and outside

Prune early blooming shrubs
Give them time to grow for next year’s blossom

Great garden ideas

Pick of the very best: French marigold
They are all gorgeous, but which are the top six?

The seed people
New series about the companies that create our flowers

27 ways to make your garden eco-friendly
How we can all do something to make a difference

Dark-leaved dahlias
How these varieties really burst out of their background

Get the look
An ‘Arts and Crafts’ garden in Gwent


Gardening wisdom

Peter Seabrook
Smart ways to more successful pots and containers

Bob Flowerdew
It’s time to ‘thin-out’ to get the best from your plants

Val Bourne’s garden wildlife
Are there orange-tip butterflies in your garden?

Lucy Chamberlain’s fruit and veg
Sow sweetcorn, leeks, peas and earth-up early spuds

Anne Swithinbank’s masterclass
How to give your lupins the best chance of success

Your questions answered
Moving wisteria, gooseberries in pots, care for hellebores

Gardener’s miscellany
Why England’s rose isn’t real, plus puzzles and teasers

How to grow garden pinks
Anne Swithinbank shows you how to get colourful perennials all summer

Your letters
The truth about cats, plastic in tea bags, top tip for tulips

Toby Buckland
Where there’s a willow there’s a way, says Toby


Product tests

Tried and tested
Six seed-sowing tools to help gardeners