Amateur Gardening 21 December 2019 cover

What’s in this issue…
Free seeds worth over £6, plus…


Jobs for this week

The many jobs of the season
They don’t take a break when we do, so take care of plants and gardens

Keep busy indoors and out
Great ideas for planting, sowing and Christmas decorations, with Ruth’s sage advice

How to have a green Christmas
Ruth shows you how to recycle and reuse as much as you possibly can this Christmas

Sow your bumper free seeds!
The perfect blend of elegance and drama, with this week’s bumper seed pack duo!


Great garden ideas

Make Room For A Nut Tree
Hazelnuts, walnuts and even almonds can be grown in a typical UK garden

Amazing Stories About Plants
Everything you ever wanted to know about unusual plants with surprising backgrounds

Kew Seed Bank
We take a look at a bold, innovative project looking to save endangered plant species

Weird Wonders Of Plants
We reveal the botanical beauties that burst into flames and look like Darth Vader!

Peony Hybrid Heaven
Gorgeous hybrids that are worth the wait: Itoh peonies are a riot of extravagance

Winter Wonderland
From fiery stems to fabulous fragrance, discover beauty in the bleak midwinter

Seeds Of Winter Joy
Even in the most desolate season, you can bring shape and structure to your garden

How To Grow Tree Lilies
Gigantic, faithful and fabulous, these towering trumpets return time and again


Gardening wisdom

Peter Seabrook
Reflecting on a year that has been defined by some extraordinary weather

Bob Flowerdew
Snips, mulch or a hot tub? Bob thinks about some of his fantasy gifts

Val Bourne
Could we see the return of natives like the formidable red squirrel?

Lucy Chamberlain’s Fruit and Veg
Planting a fruit tree, scrape indoor grapes, harvest Christmas spuds

Anne Swithinbank’s Masterclass
A seasonal favourite, as Anne highlights the best care for Christmas cactus

Ask John Negus
Happy hippeastrum, clematis puzzle, orchid delight and a burning question

Tried and Tested
Six bypass secateurs are tested by Tim to see which ones make the cut

A Gardener’s Miscellany
It’s a special Christmas treat for you as we take a look at sprouts!

Christmas Quiz
Tired of turkey? Here’s a true challenge – luckily, the answers are on hand…

Letters to Wendy
Readers’ thoughts, tips, poetry, and a great recipe for chestnut and chocolate cake

Toby Buckland
Downton Abbey has a special secret that Toby is eager to celebrate


Garden news

Garden media celebrates AG’s 135th
We celebrate a landmark birthday and thank readers, plus an archive special

Top news stories of 2019
Hot topics that made our botanical year, plus a special winter opening

Cover: Poinsettia (pic: Alamy)