Amateur Gardening 21 March 2020 cover

Amateur Gardening 21 March
Free seeds worth £2.40, plus:

Amateur Gardening 21 March
Jobs for this week

Gardening For Wildlife!
Spring is the perfect time to start a wild-life friendly garden, whatever the size of your plot

Help To Increase Insect Numbers
Welcome your six-legged comrades to the garden by growing them the plants they need

Prep Roses For Good Growth
Ruth shows you how to replant a mature rose in fresh soil, plus tips on pruning

Grow Gazanias With Our Free Gift
Fill your garden with these free ‘treasure flowers’ that bring a wealth of vivid colour


Great garden ideas

It’s All In The Seed Mix
Perfect lawns start with the right seeds, so think how your lawn is used and pick the right mix

Designing A Cottage Garden
How to create a timeless classic style with ramblers, vertical plants and uplifting fragrant picks

Undiscovered Hardy Annuals
Want more blooms for your buck? Here’s how to bring fresh impetus to sunny pots and borders

Right Perennial, Right Place
It’s prime planting time for perennials, so here’s how to choose the best plants for your garden

How To Grow Seasonal Baskets
Aim high with a summer of colour as Anne Swithinbank reveals her tips for bountiful baskets


Gardening wisdom

Peter Seabrook
Begonias just get bigger and better thanks to some canny cross-breeding, says Peter

Bob Flowerdew
It’s easier than you think to grow your own peas, says Bob – why settle for frozen?

Val Bourne
Aphids are a nuisance – but hardly on the same level of destruction as locusts, says Val

Lucy Chamberlain’s Fruit and Veg
Planting and protecting maincrop spuds, attracting pollinators, and the joys of birch sap

Ask John Negus
Your questions about blueberry pruning, hollyhock rust, and the best insect hotel spots

Anne Swithinbank’s Masterclass
Want to fight tomato blight? Anne explains the best picks and protections for your toms

A Gardener’s Miscellany
We take a look at a lot of allotment facts in this week’s puzzles and trivia

Tried & Tested
Tim looks at heated propagators and mats to help with germination and rooting of cuttings

All Our Yesterdays
Small garden with bad soil? Create a charming chessboard with homegrown chess pieces!

Letters to Wendy
Organising pots, floral Valentine’s Day presents, and plenty of appreciation for Toby Buckland

Toby Buckland
Do you prefer bush or cordon toms? Toby considers the difference, and urges us to grow both

Garden News
How conservation of key UK creatures could boost biodiversity, knotweed’s surprising benefit


Cover: Rosa ‘Jam and Jerusalem’ Floribunda (pic: Alamy)