Amateur Gardening 21 November 2020 Cover

Amateur Gardening 21 November
What’s in this issue…

Jobs for this week

How To Prune In Autumn
Ruth discusses the how, why, when and what of trimming over these chillier months

Pruning A Congested Tree
Our guide to tackling a prolific young ‘Conference’ tree – plus, tips on what to leave

Last Chance For Spring Colour
Ruth looks at propagating herbaceous perennials like oriental poppies, phlox and verbascum

Bird Watch
In Amateur Gardening 21 November we look at the wren, one of the UK’s best loved garden visitors


Great garden ideas

Great Gifts For Gardeners
From secateurs and gloves to fancy plant labels, the AG team picks out some fab present ideas

Everlasting Flowers
For blooms and seedheads that are cut and dried, here are the best plants to grow and preserve

Find out why shade-loving hound’s tooth violets will light up shady spots as spring approaches

Winter Clematis
Try the stunning hardy and easy-to-grow varieties that can add scent and sparkle to cold months


Gardening wisdom

Peter Seabrook
Amazing new varieties for AG readers to try that offer vigour and repeat flowering, says Peter

Bob Flowerdew
If you want to make your soil more fertile and agreeable for crops, Bob has just the thing to help

Val Bourne
The mysterious sound of buzzing on the lawn could well be caused by ivy bees, as Val explains

Lucy Chamberlain’s Fruit & Veg
Focus on leeks, cutting chicory, radicchio and endive, pruning grapevines, better blueberry cuttings

Ask John Negus
Your questions on unusual flowers, sowing sweet peas, a spot of bother, and potting up broad beans

A Gardener’s Miscellany
‘Stir-up Sunday’ is this week’s theme, so Graham looks at stories behind popular Christmas ingredients

Anne Swithinbank’s Masterclass
If you fancy growing the finest shallots, Anne can show you how – plus, varieties for autumn planting

All Our Yesterdays
In the last part of his series, Arthur Hellyer finalises his choice of the finest shrub rose varieties

Letters To Wendy
AG readers swap their stories of pretty wildflower patches, yucca survivors and the tastiest apple ever

Toby Buckland
Why is the Chilean guava plant such a forgotten gem? Toby investigates a brightly berried treasure


Cover: Erythronium (pic: Attila Barsan, Getty Images)