Amateur Gardening 22 August 2020 cover

Amateur Gardening 22 August
Free seeds worth £2.40, plus:

Jobs for this week

Preparing For Autumn
Start planning for the cooler months
ahead with these essential jobs

Make The Most Of Crops
How to renew and refresh your planting schemes – plus, wildlife care

Late-Summer Lawn Care
Ruth’s guide to mowing, weeding and
treating grass and wildflower meadows

Use Green Manures
Put something back into the soil now by sowing these vital plants, says Ruth

Free Seeds And Bird Watch
Rudbeckias to brighten up a garden with Amateur Gardening 22 August 2020 free seeds


Great garden ideas

Glorious Grasses
For movement, texture and shape, try these perfect partners to perennial flowers

Late-Summer Pastels
Grow some elegance and romance with fresh cool tones to suit the change in season

Think Pinks
Cottage garden classics or contemporary tones? There’s a dianthus for every garden


Gardening wisdom

Peter Seabrook
Enjoy more fruitful summers with new containers that solve crop loss, says Peter

Bob Flowerdew
Keep those salads coming through to winter with a home-made cold frame, says Bob

Val Bourne
Moths are wonderful pollinators but sadly their numbers are declining, says Val

Lucy Chamberlain’s Fruit and Veg
Focus on dessert grapes, give climbing beans a revamp, prune your stone fruits

Ask John Negus
Help with green tomatoes, leggy seedlings, fuchsia pruning and dividing crocosmia

Anne Swithinbank’s Masterclass
Want to grow trees from seed? You can, with Anne’s guide to best tree cultivation

All Our Yesterdays
Sometimes it’s better if you do not disturb: presenting plants that like being left alone

A Gardener’s Miscellany
Shrubby delights with year-round interest, hebes are the focus of our trivia and puzzles

How To Use Tools
Tim explains how you can fill any pesky gaps in flower borders the cheap and easy way

Letters to Wendy
Your stories about goat’s beard, vertical gardening and peculiar horticultural happenings

Toby Buckland
This week, Toby has set up a cat-proof flying school for his newly fledged feathered chums

Garden News
RHS plans to boost budding garden careers, and a ‘bitter’ courgette seed recall shock


Cover: Dianthus ‘Coral Reef’ (pic: Alamy)