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22 September 2018

Free seeds worth £2.29



Jobs for this week

Caring for tender plants
How to help plants that need winter protection

Which bulbs to lift and which to leave
Ruth Hayes considers what to do with corms and tubers

Sow early sweet peas/What’s On
Top tips to grow this week’s free seeds

How to relocate perennials
Ruth Hayes shows you how in six easy steps

Great garden ideas

Pick of the very best: ornamental grasses
Popular plants with multi-season interest

The seed people: Unwins
It all started 115 years ago with sweet peas

Top perennials for blazing borders
We reveal the best for colour and performance

Compact climbers for small spaces
Even the most modest plot can benefit from a climber

Get the look
We visit a ‘wrap-around’ garden in Lancashire

Gardening wisdom

Peter Seabrook
You don’t need a garden to be a gardener, says Peter

Val Bourne’s garden wildlife
Spiders are good friends to gardeners, as Val explains

Bob Flowerdew
It’s time to plan for next year’s fruit crop, declares Bob

Lucy Chamberlain’s fruit and veg
Make a wormery, plant up strawberries, harvest quince

RHS explains
How do gardens help cities? In more ways than you realise…

Ask John Negus
Failed roses, balm for bees, hosta collapse, mystery succulent

Anne’s masterclass
If you want success with sweet peas, follow Anne Switinbank’s tips

How to grow roses
Anne Swithinbank shows you how to get the best out of standard roses

A gardener’s miscellany
Japan is the subject of this week’s trivia, puzzles and prizes

Toby Buckland
Bees are wonderful – until you get stung, says Toby

News and product tests

Latest news
Threat to lawns, plus Mr Fothergill’s latest seed releases

Tried and tested: harvesting knives
Tim Rumball tests six examples to find the best



Cover photograph: Cosmos atrosanguineus (pic: Alamy)