Amateur Gardening cover 26 January 2019

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26 January

Free seeds worth £3.05


Jobs For This Week

How To Use Coir Pots
Do your bit with the green alternative to plastic, says Ruth

The Germination Game
How to keep your seedlings healthy once
they start to grow

Time To Prepare The Soil
Ruth explains how to prepare beds for
sowing and planting

Looking After Your Grasses
Cut back battered fronds so they look their best come summer

Protect Wood, Metal and Stonework
These dry, cold days are the perfect time to get this done


Great Garden Ideas

Pick Of The Very Best: Birches
Graham Rice highlights six varieties for small gardens

Sniff Out The Right Rose
Which is right for your garden? Tamsin has the answer

Cheery Winter Pots
Banish the winter gloom with these pots of colour

Set Your Borders Ablaze With Bulbs
Great ideas and six top bulbs for dramatic hues

May The Force Be With You!
Want the best rhubarb? You’ll have to force it!

Get The Look
A lovely garden in the Wye Valley is packed with ideas


Gardening Wisdom

Peter Seabrook
Designer garden clothes get a dressing-down from Peter

Bob Flowerdew
Onions are a must to grow — and so easy, says Bob

Val Bourne’s Garden Wildlife
Why the chequered skipper butterfly has to be saved

Lucy Chamberlain’s Fruit and Veg
Build a raised bed, sow summer cabbages, and more

Ask John Negus
Best plants for poor soil, hyacinth care, and failure to fruit

Anne’s Masterclass
How to prune a tangle of rose stems for petal perfection

How To Grow Basket Displays
Anne reveals her guide to successful floral baskets

A Gardener’s Miscellany
It’s all about the snowdrops, plus prizes and puzzles

Your Letters
Magical flowers, a sunflower in winter, and a handy carrot

Toby Buckland
Should you dig when it’s damp? Toby offers his thoughts


Garden News

Latest Stories

David Austin obituary, update on RHS building project



Cover photograph: Rosa ‘Graham Thomas’ (pic: GAP)