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26 May 2018

Free seeds – worth £2.29

Jobs for this week

Bank holiday jobs

Ruth Hayes shows you how to build a raised bed
Preserve, plant and pests!
Key bank holiday jobs and how to repot a spider plant
Holiday-time watering
How to keep plants irrigated when you’re away from home
Plant out your dahlias
Ruth Hayes shows you how to get your tubers in the ground
Time for the ‘Chelsea chop’

When to cut back perennials to keep them tidy
Plant a perennial

Ruth Hayes’ step-by-step guide and words of wisdom
Plant your free seeds/what’s on

How sow your free aubrieta, plus what’s on near you

Great garden ideas

Make the most of vertical space

Six plants to transform walls, fences, sheds and even roofs
Pick of the very best: hardy fuchsias

Valued for their long display, but which are the six best?
Wedding-worthy dahlias

We choose the best varieties for a bouquet
The wonder of weigela
A low-maintenance shrub that is long overdue a revival
Get the look

A bee-keeper’s beautiful ‘spring garden’

Gardening wisdom

Peter Seabrook

Peter considers the favourites for Chelsea plant of the year
Bob Flowerdew

Wait until later to plant tender flowers and veg, says Bob
Val Bourne’s garden wildlife

Val warns against the use of chemicals on your lawn
Lucy Chamberlain’s fruit and veg

Plant out tomatoes, try ‘intercropping’ and advice on weeds
Anne Swithinbank’s masterclass

When and how to prune a smokebush
Your questions answered

Straggly lavender, unhappy container bay, gardenia buds

Gardener’s miscellany 

Facts, quizzes and fancies on the Chelsea flower show
How to grow creeping phlox
Anne Swithinbank explains how to grow this attractive carpeting plant

Your letters

Smart tip with blinds, massive planting, strange-looking spud
Toby Buckland 

Strange weather means birds need more help, says Toby

Product tests

Tried and tested

Tim Rumble tests six pocket knives designed for garden tasks
• Cover photograph: Dahlia ‘Jessica’ (pic: Alamy)