Amateur Gardening cover 27 July 2019

What’s in this issue…
Free seeds worth £2.75, plus:


Jobs for this week

Late Baskets and Containers
How make them, keep them healthy and
avoid pests

Time To Sow Perennials
Why not save cash by starting some
permanent plants?

Why We Love Lavender
We celebrate a useful beauty with a
fascinating history

How To Beat Summer Diseases
Ruth explains how to tackle some prevalent problems

Carry On Composting!
Ruth’s top tips for making your precious ‘brown gold’

Free Seeds: How To Get The ‘Prairie’ Look
These daisy-like delights are a magnet for the bees


Great garden ideas

Six Of The Very Best Hardy Geraniums
Loved by many readers, but which are the best?

Best Plants For Helping Butterflies
How you can make a difference to a declining species

Clever Climbers
Stunning examples for all seasons, shade and scent

Summer Border Saviours
Elegant and nectar-rich, salvias are a sublime border mixer

Get The Look: The Acer Garden
One Cotswolds couple’s acer-themed outdoor space


Gardening wisdom

Peter Seabrook
Practical advice on the best post-holiday garden revival

Bob Flowerdew
Follow Bob’s smart ideas on how to keep your crops moist

Val Bourne’s Garden Wildlife
How planting shrubs like blackthorn can help native wildlife

How To Grow Crossandra
Bright and cheery firecrackers to liven up the garden!

Lucy Chamberlain’s Fruit and Veg
Late carrot sowings, trying pomegranate, greenhouse tips

Ask John Negus
Propagating lupins, depressed daylily, tiny garden monster

Anne Masterclass
Make your driveway wildlife-friendly and beautiful to boot

Tim’s Guide To Garden Lights
Illuminating ways to lighten up your garden this summer

A Gardener’s Miscellany
This week’s puzzles and facts are all about Yorkshire

Your Letters
Woolly weapons, show-stopping African daisies, a floral car!

Toby Buckland
In search of a peachy partner for his ‘Lady of Shalott’


Cover image: Climbing Rose ‘Lady Hillingdon’ (pic: David Austin)