Amateur Gardening April 28 2018 for web

What’s in Amateur Gardening 28 April

Free seeds worth £2.69

Jobs for this week

Lawn advice for spring
Four things you must do now to get your lawn healthy

Sowing seeds outside
It’s time to sow hardy and half-hardy annuals

Six of the best to sow
Ruth Hayes offers her top three hardy and half-hardy annuals

Tidy your woody herbs
Spruce them up before spring growth, says Ruth Hayes

Free seeds: wildflower ox-eye daisies
Great sowing tips plus lots of events to go and see

When will spring properly arrive?
How wayward weather has delayed certain tasks


Great garden ideas

Pick of the very best: courgettes
The best-eating and most disease-resistant revealed

Make room for sunflowers
13 great varieties for beds and containers

You don’t need a rockery for alpines
Don’t be restrained by convention – try containers!

Growing for cut flowers
How to plan your cutting garden effectively

Get the look
A Herefordshire garden with an amazing river view


Gardening wisdom

Peter Seabrook
How mesh sleeves can save your crop from fruit flies

Bob Flowerdew
Why you must grow your own sweetcorn!

Val Bourne’s garden wildlife
How beetles play an important role in your garden

Lucy Chamberlain’s fruit and veg
Sowing French beans and melons, plus pulling rhubarb

Your questions answered
Distressed camellia, nettle tea, bugs on a spruce tree

Anne’s masterclass
How to grow cut flowers for a wedding

Gardener’s miscellany
Lots of interesting facts about weeds plus games and puzzles

How to grow a bluebell creeper
Anne Swithinbank’s tips for this half-hardy climber

Your letters
Organic slug deterrent, the slow start to spring, mining bees

Toby Buckland
Being forgetful can be a benefit when you’re a gardener!


Reader offer

10 free pinks worth £20.98 for every reader!
Two each of five examples, plus a pair of snips