Amateur Gardening 28 March 2020 cover

Amateur Gardening 28 March
Free seeds worth £2.40, plus:

In Amateur Gardening 28 March
Jobs for this week

Summer Lawn Preparation
Give your lawn a helping hand to guarantee
it’s lush and lovely come summer
Top Tips For A Quick Lawn Fix
Simple jobs to improve your grass, from removing thatch to edging borders
Refreshing Permanent Pots
Boost your pot performers with these vital
top-dressing and root pruning tips
Tackling Group One Clematis
How to give your clem a little TLC with a trim and feed before it flowers
How To Mend Storm Damage
Ruth repairs and repots her toppled, weather-beaten container shrub
Your Free Seeds 
Take flight with lovely free butterfly flower seeds for pots and borders

Great garden ideas

The Great Gladioli Revival 
Dame Edna’s favourites are back in favour, so make space for these statuesque delights
Create A Modern Garden
Restrained planting is key to the contemporary look, as we look at modern must-haves
Go Green! 
From acid brights to cool hues, try these lush tones for borders and cut arrangements
Summer-Flowering Bulbs 
Exotic options for you to consider, bulbs for bold colour, and unusual picks for patios
How To Grow Lobelia 
Anne shows you how to adapt this easy-going summertime bloomer for baskets and borders

Gardening wisdom

Peter Seabrook 
Modern dianthus are a revelation, says Peter, as he looks at some pretty new novelty pinks
Bob Flowerdew 
Reverse logic gets results – especially if you plant maincrop spuds before earlies, says Bob
Val Bourne 
Thanks to a bee guardianship scheme, you can do your bit to help red mason bees, says Val
Lucy Chamberlain’s Fruit and Veg
Sowing direct is a great way to grow many crops – plus, thwarting slugs and seedling swaps
Ask John Negus 
Your questions on lawn lichens, giant bindweed, pruning heather and colourful cornus
A Gardener’s Miscellany 
Mauves, plums and all in between – our trivia and puzzles are all about the colour purple
How To Use Tools 
How green are your pots? Tim Rumball considers the best alternatives to save on plastic
Anne Swithinbank’s Masterclass 
Want to give an orchid a pick-me-up? Anne shows you how to revive an ailing cymbidium
Letters to Wendy 
Early signs of spring, pigeon problems, a sublime sorbaria, and leek and stilton pasties
Toby Buckland 
Surely the best supports for plants are natural, says Toby, as he looks at some special sticks
Cover: Gladiolus ‘Flevo Laguna’ (pic: GAP)