Amateur Gardening March 3 2018 cover

What’s in Amateur Gardening
3 March 2018

Free seeds worth £2.69!

Jobs for this week

Summer-flowering bulbs special

What to plant, how to plant, great ideas and advice

Rejuvenate patio plants

Ruth Hayes shows you how to keep on top of your pots

How to help our endangered hedgehogs

What gardeners can do to help save this mammal

Late-winter rose care

How to prepare your roses for this summer’s display

Free seeds: French lavender

Fantastic in pots and borders, Ruth Hayes explains how to sow them

Planting ‘in the green’

A traditional way to plant snowdrops and winter aconites

Great garden ideas

Pick of the very best: eating apples

Graham Rice chooses his top six fruity favourites

Starting an allotment

Sage advice for those considering getting a plot

Time to plant summer flower bombs!

What to plant now for an explosion of summer colour

Go wild for sweet violets

This fragrant beauty should come back to your garden

Get the look

How one couple utilised a stream to great effect

Gardening wisdom

Peter Seabrook

Does your lawn need some love? Peter offers his tips

Bob Flowerdew

What you need to do before you use your mower

Lucy Chamberlain’s fruit and veg

Blueberry cuttings, alpine strawberries, planting onions

Val Bourne’s garden wildlife

How feeding the birds is making a big difference

Anne’s Masterclass

Anne Swithinbank explains how to get the best out of agapanthus

Your questions answered

Mysterious anemones, tree lupins and cuckoo pint weed

Your letters

Fruit from seeds, bringing home plants from overseas

How to grow double-flowered fuchsias

Twice the impact and great for hanging baskets too

Gardener’s miscellany

Puzzles and prizes, plus gardening-related facts about Wales

Toby Buckland

Fancy making a Japanese moss ball? Toby explains how

Product tests

Tried and tested

Need somewhere to store your seeds? We test six seed-storage examples