Amateur Gardening cover 4 May 2019

What’s in this issue…
Free seeds worth £3.45, plus:


Jobs for this week

Bank Holiday Jobs
How you spend your long weekend will pay dividends later

Create A Summer Of Colour
Four crucial tasks to give your garden a lift come summer

Planting a Prairie Garden
Ruth explains how to grow your free Sarah Raven seeds

Sow Some Biennial Bounty
Now is the time to get some biennials in,
says Ruth


Great garden ideas

Six Of The Very Best: Kale
Our favourite leafy picks for a nutrient-rich treat

Fern Fantasia
Martyn Cox looks at the structural potential of ferns

Foolproof Ideas For Great Baskets
Colourful combinations to suit every environment

South African Plants For Your Garden
Temperature changes allow us to embrace the exotic

Get The Look: Wiltshire Rose Garden
A classic cottage garden with a few surprises


Gardening wisdom

Peter Seabrook
Double flowering stocks evoke lovely memories for Peter

Bob Flowerdew
Sow sweetcorn now – and give them the space they need

Val Bourne’s Garden Wildlife
Aphids may be pests, but they are food for others, says Val

Lucy Chamberlain’s Fruit and Veg
Thwarting veg pests, quick-growing herbs, fruit plumping!

How To Grow Brassicas
Anne explains how to fight clubroot for better cole crops

Ask John Negus
Frosted ferns, sweet scented invader, red lawn warning

A Gardener’s Miscellany
Flowering feast of facts, puzzles and prizes about wallflowers

Your Letters
Lavish ruffles, tea for toms and healthy hedgehog nibbles

Anne’s Masterclass
When do you pot on a ginger lily? Anne has the answer

Toby Buckland
Want to aerate your pond? Toby offers some words of wisdom


News and products

Latest Garden News
New plants to try, and details of Britain in Bloom 2019

How To Use Tools: Slug & Snail Control
Tim explains your options once metaldehyde gets banned


Cover photograph: Lampranthus ‘Pink Vygie’ (pic: Alamy)