Amateur Gardening cover 6 July 2019

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Jobs for this week

Getting Set For July
Ruth highlights great jobs for you to get
stuck into this month

In The Greenhouse
Things are heating up, so make sure your plants stay cool

Summer Dahlia Care
What you can do about staking, watering, feeding and pests

How To Deal With Rain And
Storm Damage

One year, drought – the next, rain! Ruth has some tips

Combat Rusting And Wilting
Ruth looks at problems affecting hollyhocks and clematis


Great garden ideas

Perfect Partners For Dahlias
Great perennials that combine to create beautiful displays

Six Of The Very Best: Digitalis
Graham Rice reveals the best foxgloves for you to grow

How To Grow Helenium
Brighten your borders with these colourful blooms, says Anne

Frosty Favourites For A Winter Wonderland
What to plant for a blue, white and silver winter display

Get The Look: A Garden On Three Levels
Why a small space is no barrier to a multi-purpose garden


Gardening wisdom

Peter Seabrook
Shrubs can be star performers in your garden, says Peter

Bob Flowerdew
Timing is vital when you’re harvesting onions, as Bob explains

Val Bourne’s Garden Wildlife
Why you should be planting wildflowers in grassy areas

Lucy Chamberlain’s Fruit And Veg
Pull young garlic, plant an edible basket, smart water use

Ask John Negus
Sickly hydrangea, horsetail horror and scorched maple

Anne’s Masterclass
This week, Anne explains how to rescue an unhappy orchid

A Gardener’s Miscellany
This week’s trivia and puzzles are all about chocolate

Your Letters
Smart tool advice, arty readers, Beechgrove disappointment

Toby Buckland
A murky past won’t stop Toby growing his castor oil plant


Garden news

Latest News
RHS opens a new garden centre at Wisley

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Cover photograph: Dahlia ‘Collarette Princess’ (pic: Alamy)