Amateur Gardening cover 7 December 2019

What’s in this issue…


Jobs for this week

Keep Your Houseplants Healthy
How a sensible change in routine will see
your plants though winter

Potting On Cuttings
Move plantlets into larger pots – plus,
prevent pests and overwatering

Last Chance For Spring Bulbs
Make sure you plant now so that you
can enjoy early colour next year!

Christmas Tree Care
Ruth shows you how to keep your tree
happy through the festivities


Great garden ideas

Be A Better Gardener In 2020
25 ways to boost your botanical knowledge and productivity

How To Grow Winter-Flowering Clematis
Anne Swithinbank’s tips to cultivating this essential climber

Hero Houseplants
Green up your home with these great options for indoor growing

Scented Shrubs
We select the best flowering shrubs for gorgeous fragrance

Get The Look
Discover an unusual garden on the site of an old brewery


Gardening wisdom

Peter Seabrook
Sample some easy elegance with self-seeding cyclamen

Bob Flowerdew
Prepare now for winter – don’t wait for the frost to bite!

Val Bourne
Did you know that heather can protect bees? Val explains all…

Lucy Chamberlain’s Fruit and Veg
Get better parsnips, heel in fruit stock, winter herb baskets

Ask John Negus
Your questions on gravel growing, worm casts and an exotic mystery

How To Use Tools
Tim Rumball explains the ins and outs of good chainsaw technique

A Gardener’s Miscellany
Luscious leeks form the basis of this week’s puzzles and trivia

Anne Swithinbank’s Masterclass
Planting out Christmas trees, and how to sow them from scratch!

Letters to Wendy
Can weeds fight climate change? Plus, some flowery pumpkins

Toby Buckland
‘Jingle Bells’ is not as festive as you think, as Toby explains

Garden News
Helping the environment, as AG stops plastic packaging for subs


Cover picture (Alamy): Phalaenopsis (moth orchid)