Amateur Gardening cover 7 July 2018

What’s in Amateur Gardening
7 July 2018

Free seeds worth £2.29


Jobs for this week

When is it right to feed?
Plants often need a extra boost, but when is best?

How to feed properly
Make sure you don’t kill with kindness, says Ruth

Ultimate guide to plant food
Best feed for every situation

How to keep your greenhouse healthy
Protect plants and reduce the risk of pests, says Ruth

Free seeds: honesty/what’s on
Honesty delivers something for every season


Great garden ideas

Pick of the very best: chard
Great to eat or grow as a colourful ornamental

Experts’ choice of feed
We asked six top gardeners to reveal their secrets

Your essential guide to dahlia care
Graham Rice shares his tried-and-tested techniques

Focus on foliage
Colour and shape to add dimension to your border

Get the look: the magnolia garden
A garden in Cheshire with lots of magnolias!


Gardening wisdom

Peter Seabrook
It’s great when kids get into gardening, says Peter

Bob Flowerdew
You’ve still got time to plant some veg, says Bob

Val Bourne’s garden wildlife
Val discovers why modern tea bags won’t rot down

Lucy Chamberlain’s fruit and veg
How to make your own organic plant food

Ask John Negus
Home-sown toms, bean rust, unfruitful blackcurrants

Anne’s masterclass
Anne Swithinbank offers alternative options for organic feed

How to grow alliums
Those rich violet spheres bring joy to every garden

A gardener’s miscellany
Trivia, puzzles and prizes on the theme of Wimbledon

Your letters
Great tips, insightful observations and brilliant pictures

Toby Buckland
We would be lost without the humble worm, says Toby


Product test

Tried and tested
On test: organic and chemical container plant food


Cover photograph: Dahlia ‘Gerrie Hoek’ (pic: GAP)