Amateur Gardening cover sept 7 2019 for web

What’s in this issue…
Free seeds worth £2.35, plus:


Jobs for this week

Get going with your autumn bedding!

It’s a good time to swap your seasonal
colour palette

Look after existing plants

Eke out the last colour from this summer’s display

Caring for old and new roses

Tidy existing plants and make way for
new ones

Keep problems at bay

Ruth offers hints and tips on how to deter pests

Houseplant health update

Reduce levels of care as plant growth slows, says Ruth

How to divide and replant perennials

Ruth says autumn is the season for perennial action



Great garden ideas

A taste of the totally tropical

If you want dramatic foliage, why not go tropical?

Six of the very best crocuses

It is one of nature’s charmers and perfect for spring

How to grow sedum Atlantis

Grow the plant that won top prize at Chelsea this year

The florist’s garden

Grow your own cut flowers to display at home

Ranunculus – the Persian buttercup

Graham Rice knows the trick to success with this beauty

Get the look: Divided into three

A garden in Cheshire that caters for all generations



Gardening wisdom

Peter Seabrook

Codling moth is a difficult problem to solve, says Peter

Bob Flowerdew

Judging ripeness can be challenging, says Bob

Val Bourne’s garden wildlife

Val asks whether climate change is affecting veg growing

Lucy Chamberlain’s fruit and veg

Apple tree advice, lift maincrop spuds, try sharkfin melon

Ask John Negus

Peony rescue, improve clay soil, suffering yucca, knotweed

Anne’s masterclass

Want a special houseplant display? Anne explains how

A gardener’s miscellany

The subject for puzzles and trivia is ‘organic gardening’

Your letters

Great opinions, great pictures and some super tips

Toby Buckland

You can find some strange things in hedges, says Toby


Product test

Tried and tested

Six garden-waste carriers are tested to see which is best


Cover image: Ranunculus Tomer Orange (Garden World Images)