Amateur Gardening June 9 2018

What’s in Amateur Gardening
9 June

Free seeds worth £2.29


Jobs for this week

Making an instant impact
How to fill your borders to give year-round appeal

Plant out a flowering perennial
Five steps to making it a successful transition

Sowing pot beetroot
Ruth’s step-by-step guide makes it easy

The Mediterranean in your garden!
How to make the most of oleanders

The riches of ‘black gold’
Why compost is important and how you can make it

Azalea health care
Extra care can bring renewed vigour to potted plants

Free seeds: delphiniums/What’s on
How to grow these statuesque perennials

Great garden ideas

Pick of the best: tall bearded iris
These plants are tall with dazzling flowers, but what are the six best?

Succeeding with self-seeders
How to make these bountiful plants work for you

Late-flowering perennials
The plants that will bloom from August to October

Add impact with delphiniums
They’re tall, striking and easy to grow

Get the look
How recycled items can really enhance your garden

Gardening wisdom

Peter Seabrook
Beth Chatto was an inspiration to gardeners, says Peter

Bob Flowerdew
Protecting your soil isn’t just a winter task, says Bob

Val Bourne’s garden wildlife
Wildflowers and weeds – is there a difference?

Lucy Chamberlain’s fruit and veg
Plant out sweetcorn, lift new potatoes, boost pepper crops

Anne’s masterclass
Anne Swithinbank explains how your trees can produce more fruit

Ask John Negus
Orchid attack, bumbling bees, stinking lilies, mysterious tree

Gardener’s miscellany
Facts, fancies and puzzles about oranges and lemons

How to grow pansies
An old favourite with a romantic past

Your letters
Fascinating insights, tips and great reader pictures

Toby Buckland
Do you know the times-two lawn rule? Let Toby explain…

Product test

Tried and tested
We test six eco-friendly plant pots as a substitute for plastic


Cover photograph

Helenium ‘Sahins Early Flowerer’ (picture: GAP)