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11 August 2018

Free seeds worth £2.29

Jobs for this week

Houseplant update
How to look after your indoor plants in summer

Holiday houseplant care
Top tips for keeping houseplants healthy while you’re away

How to rescue a reject
Don’t ignore the value of a bargain-bin plant, says Ruth

Free seeds: how to grow them
Find out how to grow your free California poppies

Blueberry blues
Ruth’s blueberry bush has died — but who is the culprit?

Great garden ideas

Pick of the very best: hardy cyclamen
A great plant for adding colour and seeing out winter

Gardening solutions
Having trouble naming plants? Tamsin Westhorpe has some tips

Asters with a difference
Some new varieties of these summer favourites

Ultimate guide to deadheading
Don’t chop before you read this…

A lock-keeper’s garden
Going off the grid with a delightfully artistic space

Gardening wisdom

Peter Seabrook
Ferns are getting more and more popular, says Peter

Bob Flowerdew
Make sure your sweetcorn is plump and creamy, says Bob

Val Bourne’s garden wildlife
Val considers the pros and cons of our feline friends

Lucy Chamberlain’s fruit and veg
Lifting spuds, sowing carrots and tomato problems

Ask John Negus
Afflicted rose, blossom end rot, hibiscus worries

Anne Swithinbank’s masterclass
Can climbers be pruned? Anne provides the answers

How to grow wallflowers
They’re hardy, versatile and bursting with fragrance

A gardener’s miscellany
Puzzles, prizes, facts and fancies on the subject of tomatoes

Your letters
Flowers on shed roof, weather extremes, ice cubes for plants!

Toby Buckland
Toby explains how to tackle the voracious sawfly News and product test

News and product test

Latest news
How to spot Japanese knotweed, magic hydrangeas

Tried and tested
Need a gadget to gather your crop? See our test


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Begonia tuberhybrida ‘Nonstop Pink’ (pic: Alamy)