Amateur Gardening cover May 19

In Amateur Gardening 19 May 2018 free seeds worth £2.29 plus tips and tricks on how to protect your plants from pests organically and non-organically

Amateur Gardening cover May 12 2018

In Amateur Gardening 12 May 2018, free seeds worth £2.45, plus bright and beautiful options for your summer garden

Amateur Gardening 5 May 2018 for web

Amateur Gardening 5 May 2018: Bank Holiday Special with lots of jobs for the long weekend plus free seeds worth £2.45

Amateur Gardening April 28 2018 for web

In Amateur Gardening 28 April 2018: free seeds worth £2.69 plus, 13 great sunflowers to try, 6 flowers ideal for cutting, time to sow annuals

Amateur Gardening cover April 21 2018 for web

Free seeds worth £2.99 in Amateur Gardening 21 April 2018 plus Spring Cuttings Special, including best techniques for taking softwood and basal cuttings

Amateur Gardening April 14 2018 cover for web

Free seeds worth £3.49 in the Garden Pond Special of Amateur Gardening 14 April, with advice on how to dig a pond, the best plants for ponds and plants to

Amateur Gardening 7 Aprl 2018 cover for web

An AG 7 April 2018 we have free seeds worth £2.69, plus roses for a small garden, how aphids are evolving into 'super-aphids' and the latest new products

Am Gardening cover mar 31 2018 for web

In this Lawn Care Special we have free seeds worth £2.29 plus how to create a pristine lawn, tips for laying a lawn from turf and the best laced polyanthus

Amateur Gardening cover mar 24 2018 for web

Amateur Gardening 24 March 2018 free seeds worth £2.45 plus six of the best Easter plants for pots and six of the best clematis