Amateur Gardening cover 26 January 2019

In Amateur Gardening 26 January 2019, free seeds worth £3.05 plus: Choosing the right rose, six bulbs to plant now for easy colour, grow brilliant baskets, cheerful winter pots.

Amateur Gardening cover 19 January 2019

In Amateur Gardening 19 January 2019: Cheap plants for your basket, six of the best witch hazel, how to grow great daylilies, 14 plants for healing.

Amateur Gardening cover 12 Jan 2019

In Amateur Gardening 12 January 2019: Rose special on pruning, planting and tackling pests, waterlily dahlias, how to grow sweet peas, planting a cutting garden.

Amateur Gardening cover 5 January 2019

In Amateur Gardening 5 January 2019: Best winter snowdrops, 10 ways to a new garden, what to sow in January, top tips for growing tree lilies.

Amateur Gardening cover 22 December 2018

In Amateur Gardening 22 December 2018, free seeds worth £4.70, plus: making Christmas plants last longer than ever, how to beat the bad weather, what the wildlife is up to…

Amateur Gardening cover 15 Dec 2018

In Amateur Gardening 15 December 2018, best pelargoniums to grow, growing fruit in small spaces, amazing holly varieties, tuberous begonias.

Amateur Gardening cover 17 November 2018

In Amateur Gardening 17 November 2018: Rose care and planting, hellebore heaven, eight hardy succulents to grow, and six of the best honeysuckle.

Amateur Gardening cover 10 Nov 2018

In Amateur Gardening 10 November 2018: we reveal whether to lift or leave dahlias, how to plant a winter basket, six of the best viburnum, and top suppliers for mail-order

Amateur Gardening cover 3 Nov 2018

In Amateur Gardening 3 November 2018, free seeds worth £2.05, plus: great ways to plant tulips, 14 varieties and companion plants, berrying shrubs, and how to overwinter tenders.

Amateur Gardening cover 27 Octber 2018

In Amateur Gardening 27 October 2018, free seeds worth £2.05, plus: prettiest wild roses for hips, fragrance and hedges, shrubs for smart gardeners, and leaf-blowers on test.