BBQ TowerIs the BBQ Tower easy to set up and what makes it stand out from the rest? Consumer editor, Julia Heaton, finds out in the first of a three part test

I guess we’ve all had barbeque disasters of one shape or another. Can the BBQ Tower persuade me to pick up the tongs and give the bangers another stab this year? Well, on first inspection, it’s a compact design that’s made from powder coated mild steel and is charcoal driven. I was pleased to see it came fully assembled – all I had to do was screw on the handles.

There are three round stainless steel cooking grills providing a deceptively large overall surface cooking area of 500in2 (3225cm2). Yet, being stacked in a tower formation, gives me the choice of using all or just one of them, depending on the numbers eating and the type of food. Plus, as it’s slim-line, I can site the entire barbeque unobtrusively in one corner of the patio – so it certainly won’t dominate the smallest of gardens.

A pair of strong wheels on the base makes for easy manoeuvrability and the fact that the cooking trays, grills and even fuel trays lift out easily with the tools provided all looks promising. But most promising of all is the fact that it’s been designed to take pizzas as well as the usual steak and burgers.

Find out if I’ll be eating my words in next weeks post.

BBQ Tower



PRICE £199 (p&p £7.99)

PROS Compact/ little assembly/ strong wheels/ Good size cooking area/ lightweight/ multi levels/ designed to take pizzas

CONS None apparent