Michelle shows you how to make a bee hotel for Mason bees

Carefully saw a 36 x 4 x 1/2in (105 x 10 x 1.5cm) plank of untreated wood into 2 x 12in (30cm) lengths and 2 x 8in 20cm lengths

Drill two holes into the edges of each 12in (30cm)  piece and attach the 8in (20cm) pieces using 11/4in (3cm) No 8 wood screws (as above)

Cut hollow plant stems such as bamboo (above) into 4in (10cm) lengths.  Sand off splinters

Stand the wooden frame on its side, and stack the bamboo lengths inside. When the final ones go in, they will ‘lock’ together

Hang the box by picture or mirror fixing hooks onto a sunny fence, sheltered from strong winds and rain and near a food source for the female bee