Spring bouncing forward

The time has come to plant my potatoes in the ground. Yes it is rather early for some regions, but down here on the south coast, having set them out for chitting in a cool but light place, they have already started to dehydrate a little, and look like they need a bit of TLC. I have yet to have a year of chitting potatoes that doesn’t come to a grinding halt because of the potatoes rapidly dehydrating.

So into my stack of old car tyres they go, covered with compost until the tips cannot be seen, and hopefully, every week another layer of compost will be added as they grow up towards the light. If a frost is forecast I will fleece them in the evening before.

On the plus side, with this warm weather, I am already able to sow other veg crops directly into raised beds as the soil is already warm enough. This is saving me time and more importantly, space in the greenhouse. Let’s just hope we get some rain to save on watering.