It’s time to start winter pruning your apple and pear trees for bumper crops this season, but how you tackle them will depend on how they produce their fruit. Do you know your tip bearing trees from your spur bearers?

The list of varieties seems endless, here we’ve picked out some common varieties grown in the UK and identified them as tip or spur bearers. If yours isn’t on the list, contact the supplier and they should be able to tell you.

Once you’ve identified your tree, pick up the 26 Jan issue of Amateur Gardening for top advice on winter pruning.




Adams Pearmain Partial tip bearer
Ashmeads Kernel Spur bearer
Braeburn Spur bearer
Blenheim Orange Partial tip bearer
Bramley Partial tip bearer
Discovery Partial tip bearer
Egremont Russet Spur bearer
Howgate Wonder Spur bearer
James Grieve Spur bearer
John Downie Partial tip bearer
Lord Derby Spur bearer
Lord Lambourne Partial tip bearer
Orange pippin Spur bearer
Red Falstaff Partial tip bearer
Spartan Spur bearer
Worcester Pearmain Partial tip bearer


Beurre Hardy Spur bearer
Concorde Spur bearer
Conference Spur bearer
Doyenne du Comice Spur bearer
Jargonelle Partial tip bearer
Josephine de Malines Partial tip bearer
Merton pride Spur bearer
Onward Spur bearer
Sensation Spur bearer
Williams Bon Chretien Spur bearer