Looking for things to do with the kids this summer?

Gardening with kids is a great way to entertain them over the summer holidays. Here are 5 things to do with your kids in the garden.

1) Build a bug hotel

Why not encourage useful creatures to the garden with a bug hotel. This is something you can make with your children. It is a perfect project for the start of the summer holidays, collecting things then building and added items over the summer. Start by collecting suitable material from your garden, from the park wherever you can, anything from pine cones to sticks. Start with a wooden pallet, and saw into quarters, this will be your base and your layers. Top off with some spare roof tiles to ensure the hotel keeps dry. Fill the layers with bamboo canes, bricks, sticks and logs all of which will need to have holes drilled so that insects and bees can nest.

gardening with kids

build a bug hotel

The hotel will keep them going back all summer to see what insects and bugs have checked-in and out..

2) Get watering

When the weather is hot children love to get the watering can out and water the plants and flowers. This can be a great activity and saves you a job. Why not make a rain gauge, this will be a really fun activity and I am sure we will have some showers

How to build a rain gauge

3) Gardening with kids by growing vegetables

Why not show children how things grow in the garden. Start with something simple, why not grow some potatoes in a pot. Spring onions are also easy to grow, why not watch our video on How to grow spring onions

4) Pick some fruit

Children love to pick fruit, whether it is strawberries or blackberries. Why not take a walk out and pick some wild blackberries. You should have plenty to eat and you can then make some jam or tarts with the surplus.

5) Visit your local garden centre

On a rainy say why not take the children to a garden centre. You can then look at all the different plants and flowers. Plus you can rest your tired legs in the café with a cake.

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