Hardy geraniums can be cut right down to the ground after flowering. This will give the plants a tidy appearance, and encourage healthy new foliage and a second flush of flowers in late summer.

Some lupins, hardy geraniums, poppies and delphiniums will produce another flowering display in late summer/early autumn, if spent flower stems are promptly cut down after the first flowering. Lupins and delphiniums need only their spent flowering stems cut down, with the foliage left intact – lupins in particular resent having everything cut right back and will not give a good display the following year if this is done, so only cut the flower spikes off.

You can cut flowers and foliage off oriental poppies and hardy geraniums and they’ll soon come back. After the spent material has been removed, feed the soil around the plants with a liquid fertiliser, such as Tomorite. This will encourage the plants to produce new flowering stems. Ensure the soil around them is weed free and apply a mulch of bark chippings or well-rotted organic matter to help their roots retain moisture.

Occasionally they only produce leaves, but don’t worry. Just let them die back naturally and they’ll pick up as usual the following spring to flower again next year.



If you cut a delphinium flower for the vase, you may get another flower stem later on