Don’t forget to plant indoor bulbs in the next few weeks for table decorations, says Michelle


There are lots of bulbs that can be planted now for winter and spring flowering – it’s not just the ‘prepared’ bulbs for Christmas and New Year blooms. Here’s how to plant indoor narcissus (which do not need a cold or dark period in order to flower), for colour around the house from November onwards.

1)    Fill a suitable indoor pot with either a bulb or multi-purpose compost mixed with horticultural grit; ensure there is adequate drainage so that the compost does not become a soggy mess after watering.

2)    Plant the bulbs, with their noses upwards, flat end down, so the top of the bulb is level with the soil


3)    Water the pot and place a decorative finish of your choice over the compost. Position it indoors in a warm, light spot. Water whenever the compost feels dry.