Julia prepares a border for containers

With a spot of lateral thinking I’ve been able to solve two problems at the same time. Problem one involved the number of plants in pots I’ve got and the fact that the patio isn’t bit enough to take them all. Problem two was what to do with an empty border towards the top of the garden. I’d been considering grassing it over as the soil is particularly stony (to the extent that I’m sure some of it is builders rubble from before I moved into the house).

The solution? I decided to cover the length of the border in a weed suppressant material, which I pegged into position (both of these items can be found at most garden centres). In normal circumstances I would have cut a hole in the material and planted through it, adding a topping of bark chips to finish the look. But as it wasn’t possible here I scattered the bark chips straight on top. The border is now home to all those container plants that enjoy standing in full sun.