I took my daughter to nursery this morning to find that the stately cedar tree in their front garden has lost some huge limbs under the weight of the snow that fell last night (I’m going to pick some of the cones from the fallen branches when I pick her up later, they make a nice feature when brought in the house).

There’s not much of anything in my new garden – the snow actually makes it look a lot prettier than it is. There is however, a nicely shaped olive tree of a good size.

Having given up on the drive to work and returned home, I checked the wintry garden scene from the kitchen window, to find that the olive tree is standing at two thirds its normal height. The snow has taken its toll and branches are bending over under the weight of it.

The snow fall looks set to stay today, so to prevent my olive from going the way of the nursery cedar I’ve armed myself with the garden broom, for a spot of branch sweeping.


If you’re out clearing paths today, have a look at your trees and shrubs. Are they coping with the weight of snow?

A few minutes knocking the white stuff to the ground is worth the effort, and worth repeating in coming days if snow continues to fall on your garden.

Don’t forget the garden birds while you’re out there too, offer some kitchen scraps, or even better, a wild bird seed mix. They’ll really be struggling to find natural food sources at the moment.

Take the camera out too, take a few snaps, and show us how your garden looks by posting them on the AG Facebook page.