I’ve recently moved house and taken on a block paved front garden, without an inch of open soil. This is a no-no in my book and I’ll be looking to add some planting space down the line. Ahead of that, I’ve added a few pots of winter bedding for a bit of colour and have placed my potted camellia by the front door.

The removal men treated it kindly – rather them than me to have carried it on and off the lorry!

It has budded up nicely in recent months and will soon be in flower.

With little else there, it is the main focal point of my front garden so I want to give it some instant impact.  Particularly now the snow has gone, bringing a barren feel to the drive. So I’ve bought a tub of sprouting white daffs to split and add around the base of the camellia.


Judging by the stem growth of the daffs and the swelling of the camellia’s flower buds I think I’m going to be lucky enough to have them flowering at the same time.