I can’t believe the amount of growth my fuchsia cuttings have put on since I set  them in Amateur Gardening 3 September. Regular readers will know I’m planning to train them as standards for use in the garden next year. I’ll be keeping them in growth over winter so they gain the height and strength needed for a top show next summer.

It’s a job keeping up with the pinching out to remove side growths and developing flowers. It needs doing at least every other day. Already the plants have reached the height of my kitchen window and roots are showing through the pot bases, so it’s time to move them to the conservatory and get them into some bigger pots.

They aren’t far off the required height for training them as full standards, so in the next couple of weeks I’m sure I’ll be removing the growth tips. Even after this time I’ll continue with regular pinching out so the plants concentrate on bulking out their central stems before I allow them to send out shoots to create the framework at the top.

Is anyone else training their own standards for next season? How many are you doing and what varieties are you working with?