Like me, all this rain is probably starting to get you down. A constant sodden garden means my outdoor to-do list is getting longer by the day.

Who knows what the weather will hold this weekend – probably heavy down pours leading to a heat wave on Tuesday when we are all back at work!


If rain does set in and you don’t want to be out in the garden for too long, there is one job that the rain can help with: feeding borders.

Applying top dressings of your chosen feed (be it chemical fertilisers such as Growmore or organic feed such as fish, blood and bone) during wet weather, means it will be washed into the soil quicker where roots can quickly make the most of the offering.

Follow this up with a 5cm layer of mulch such as bark chippings or garden compost and you’ll trap all that moisture in, avoiding the need for excessive watering once the weather does eventually turn out nice again.