When it comes to planting potatoes, the old saying goes, “Get your earlies in late and your lates in early”.

Just as well considering the weather we’ve been experiencing this spring. Last weekend was the fist chance I’d had to get on the soil and plant out my chatted first early Pentland Javelin, even then I had to do it in the drizzling rain. And I’m well behind on sowing most of the other crops I intend to grow this year too.

Fortunately things look brighter for the weekend ahead so it’s a good time to play catch up.

Onions, garlic, peas and carrots are all sown, but I’ll spend as much of Saturday as I can (children permitting!) working through my seed box to set out the bulk of my veg crops. And I have young seed raised leeks, spring onions main crop onions and rocket to set out too.



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