Following last week’s cold snap, I was all braced to be shovelling snow from around the car to get to work this morning, but Murphy’s Law (or should that be Sod’s Law!) had other ideas.

By Friday my garden had been frozen solid for a good 48 hours – the sun just isn’t getting high enough to cast it’s warmth across the site.

The greenhouse paraffin heater was only just keeping the frost at bay over night, and fleece draped over my vertical patio setups did little to protect the plants beneath.

Bird feeders should be kept full during the cold snap

Come Saturday the main jobs were to get set for the forecasted snow later in the day, despite the glorious sunshine I was working in:

The good thing about my vertical growing setups is they can be easily removed, so VertiGarden trays and Polanters filled with violas and primroses, were brought inside for protection.

Birdfeeders were topped up, and extra fat balls and fat-filled coconut shells were hung in place to offer an easy meal while natural food sources lay covered in a blanket of snow.

Next I set up an electric heater in the greenhouse to keep my hardy annual seedlings safe, then all available floor space was filled with patio pots.

The chicken run was covered with a tarpaulin and the final job of the day was to spread grit salt across the front path.

Just as I was finishing, the first snow flakes started to fall, and a smug smile appeared on my face. By the time I hit the sack, at least an inch of snow was covering the garden, and I drifted off with images of my two year old daughter dressed in her snow suit for the first time.

ON Sunday morning I threw back the curtains, with the excitement of the young boy in The Snowman, only to be faced with a wet and windy garden with not a snowflake in site.

So, back out went the trays of violas and primroses, off went the electric greenhouse heater  and bang went my legitimate excuse for arriving to work late this morning!