Since we heard the news that London would be host to the 2012 Olympics, organisers and Government have been banging on about the lasting legacy it will leave us.


I’m not so sure – if you look at recent host cities all many seem to have been left with is a lot of debt.


However there is potential for one lasting legacy that I hope does come true when all is finished in two weeks time  – increased wildflower habitats.


The Olympic Park in East London features great swathes of wildlife–friendly meadowland rather than gaudy traditional summer bedding, and long I hope it stays.


I’ve not visited the site and I’m not sure I will ever have reason to, but closer to home I’ve seen an increased level of wildflowers and I think this comes down to the Olympics too.


I travel everyday along the A31, through the New Forest, on my way to the AG offices in Poole. My journey has been made so much more pleasant this summer, thanks to a lax attitude to mowing the roadside verges.


Instead of clipped grass I am passing drifts of native wildflowers. But what has this got to do with the Olympics?


Well the A31 is the main travel route to get down to the sailing events being held in Weymouth over the next couple of weeks, and I’m sure the verges have been left alone intentionally to impress the hoards of sports tourists expected to make the journey – and maybe coax them back for another visit in future.


Lets hope that it is the wild flowers they remember and not the traffic jams!