I love it when a plan comes together!

I potted my store bought amaryllis bulbs in mid November (see the video here), hoping to have colourful blooms in time for Christmas.

After a couple of weeks waiting, the flower stalks started to rise. Having waited for the signs of success,  I kept one back  for myself, gave one to my parents and the third to my in-laws.

I kept the double flowering ‘Dancing Queen’ for myself, though I had planned on keeping the dark flowered ‘Black Pearl’ – serves me right for not labelling the pots, lesson learnt!

Commerical growers have flowering down as an exact science. For us home growers timings can be hit or miss. So I was thrilled to have the plant burst in to flower on Christmas Eve, just in time for the big day.

Twelve days later (4th Jan) I’m still faced with two beautiful blooms that show no signs of deterioration. I haven’t fed the bulb once, simply watering once a week. I thin the secret of my success was placing the plant in my unheated conservatory. The cool temperature has allowed the blooms to continue nicely – kept in the warmth of the house I think the bulb would have been thrown out on collection day with all the Christmas wrapping.

My amaryllis lasted a lot longer than the Christmas turkey, and with the tree coming down tomorrow, ‘Dancing Queen’ will be a lasting reminder of my first Christmas in our new family home.