I have a lovely fan trained camellia, planted up in a in a large terracotta pot filled with ericaceous compost. It’s underplanted with tulips and should, at this time of the year, be putting on a wonderful show.

While the tulips are looking great, and the camellia foliage looks lush and healthy (with plenty of developing leaf buds) It has only put on one flower this season. And strangely that one flower is growing away from the light so you can’t actually see it unless you get behind the pot. But what a beauty that one flower is!

Being such a busy gardener I can’t remember if I fed it much through last summer – I definitely kept it well watered. Lack of feed may be the problem, but I also wonder if something else has played a part – I caught one of my cats regularly using the pot as a litter tray last year!. I nipped this in the bud by covering the surface with prunings from my mahonia and other prickly plants.

This year I’ll make a note of my feeding regime and see if I can get it back on track for full flowering in 2013.