If you’ve clocked-up penalty points for speeding, reading on could endanger your licence.

Because Honda has created what it believes is the world’s fastest lawn mower – capable of reaching up to 130mph!

And it’ll leave your marigolds and petunias in a cloud of dust, roaring from 0-60 in just four seconds, with an ear-splitting din that can reach 130 decibels.

Racing driver Gordon Shedden put the Mean Mower through its paces (credit: Honda)

Amazingly this ‘Mean Machine,’ which has been put through its paces by British Touring Car Championship racing driver Gordon Shedden, will even cut your grass.

But it’ll trim the lawn at a more respectable 15mph, with its cutter deck spinning at 4,000rpm.

A Honda spokeswoman told AG: “As far as we’re aware, this is the fastest mower that still retains the ability to cut grass. Obviously, it won’t cut grass at 130mph but it does it quicker than a standard mower.

“The Mean Mower will now be embarking upon a series of appearances at events that Honda has a presence at – some of the British Touring Car Championship rounds and the Southampton Boat Show. It’s not going to be put in a shed and forgotten about.”

Honda teamed up with their BTCC partner, Team Dynamics, to create the machine. Its grass cuttings bag also houses a fuel tank, oil cooler and secondary water-cooling radiator.

And for gardeners who love a bit of bling, the mean mower features custom-made Cobra sports seats, a Scorpion exhaust, a six-speed gear system and a steering rack taken from a Morris Minor.

Team Dynamics team manager Pete Crolla said: “From an engineering perspective, retaining the look of the mower as well as its ability to still cut grass was the biggest challenge.”

To see a video of the Mean Mower, go to  http://bit.ly/MeanMower