A relaxed attitude to weeding my annual border has really paid off this year. I’m currently faced with a stunning display of annual poppies, but did I carefully prepare the ground, sow seed in drills, thin out, water and feed?


In short, No! I’ve done nothing with this bed since I cleared it of spent plants late last autumn. And what you see in the pic above was laid out by nature itself. From just a small patch of poppies among a wider display of annuals I now have a full bed of self-seeded plants, providing a stunning show at no cost and no effort by me.


On the other side of the lawn I have a mixed border of shrubs, roses, perennials and biennials. I mulch most of the bed to keep weeds at bay and trap in moisture, but the soil around my group of biennial and perennial foxgloves is left uncovered, and in the past week or two it has filled with self sown foxglove seedlings that I will lift at some point. Most will be discarded but others will be replanted to give me a display of flowers next year, again at no cost.


I love it when a lazy approach brings productive results!