WE SPEND almost two months of our lives mowing the lawn – a new study has found. 

The research, by artificial lawn retailer Grono, sought to uncover the nation’s mowing habits by looking at time and frequency.

Researchers calculated that we spend nearly two months – or 6.8 weeks – of our lives cutting the grass.

Respondents were asked three questions:

i) To the nearest 10 minutes how long does it take you to mow and edge your lawn?

ii) How many times per month you do this?

iii) How many months a year do you cut the grass?

The average gardener spends roughly 60 minutes cutting and edging their lawn, 2.4 times per month.

The majority of respondents said that they mowed the lawn for eight months of the year, generally starting in March and ending in October.

This equated to around 19.2 hours a year spent trimming the grass.

Over the course of a lifetime this figure rockets to 6.8 weeks of lawnmower action.