The Nation’s lawns are under attack from a plague of moss, thanks to the mild winter.

Unseasonable temperatures have created “perfect conditions for moss to thrive,” according to turf-care firm TruGreen.

It warned that if moss is not treated early, it can ruin lawns – choking healthy grass and starving turf of nutrients.

A spokesman said: “Moss loves to grow in poor conditions and will thrive where other plants struggle.

“It is common on compacted soil, with poor drainage, and is suited to low fertility and poor light, often where the grass has been mown too closely.

“Once established, it quickly spreads, making an unsightly addition to a lawn.”

Scarifying grass can help to reduce layers of thatch, which builds up over time to become an ideal growing medium for moss.

Lawns can also be professionally treated. Go to www.trugreen.co.uk for details.