Environment campaigners say retailers have rallied behind their campaign to strip store shelves of sprays linked to bee decline.

Many retailers have been reviewing their pesticide offer

Up to 2,000 outlets have removed neonicotinoids (neonics) from sale – even though they remain legal and approved to use.

“The retailer side of the campaign has been extremely fruitful,” said Friends of the Earth (FoE) campaigner Neil Verlander.

Products pulled from many stores include Westland’s Plant Rescue for Ornamentals (ready-to-use) and Bayer’s Provado Lawn Grub Killer.

Discounter Wilkinson became the latest big name to rid its stores of neonics. It stripped Bayer Lawn Grub Killer from all of its 373 UK outlets.

A Wilkinson spokesman told AG: “Our chemicals working group recognised concerns raised. As a result, we have withdrawn a product [Lawn Grub Killer].

“We will also be installing signs on shelves to inform customers that sprays we sell do not contain neonicotinoids.”

FoE’s nature campaigner Paul de Zylva said: “We’re delighted that retailers are acting on pesticides linked to bee decline.”

A spokeswoman for Bayer Garden said: “It is a decision for retailers as to whether or not they stock the product.”


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