A study has claimed that Brits are ripping out timber decking and falling in love with lawns again – but timber experts say the survey is as rotten as old grass clippings.

Is it time to rip out decked gardens?

Lawn firm GreenThumb quizzed 2,000 people and concluded that decking, made popular by Ground Force, is “becoming a distant memory”.

“Thankfully, having decking appears to have just been a fad,” said GreenThumb’s David Collison.

“It seems many people who have got rid of decking did so because they missed the pleasure of having a lawn.

“It has been scientifically proven that lawns make people feel better. They encourage wildlife, help prevent flooding and create oxygen,” David added.

The probe found one fifth of the population installed decking in their gardens, but claimed one in six people ended up ripping their deck out – with half doing after just two years.

Researchers said a quarter of people believed decking “takes up too much space” while 22 per cent prefer the look and feel of grass. One in 10 “miss the colour” of a lawn.

But the Timber Decking Association’s (TDA) Steve Young said any suggestion that decking was in decline was “hugely misinformed”.

“The facts speak for themselves,” Steve said. He pointed out that in 2010, the decking market had recovered to £135million, the equivalent of the market peak in 2007, after dropping back to £128million in 2008.

“2011 is turning out to be an excellent year for timber decking, demonstrating that demand for wood has held up well,” Steve added.