Wheeled scarifiers help to free the lawn of thatch. See which one of six on test came out top…


Best buy 19/20

Bosmere Lawn Scarifier N652 www.bosmere.com Telephone (01293) 586200 £32.95

BUILD *****

Steel construction with a powder coated and galvanised finish. It has 16 sprung tines, and comes with metal protection guard. The handle took seconds to assemble. Has a working width of 13in (33cm) and handle 39in (97cm).


Has large rubber wheels for easy transportation and a comfy rubber end handle. The three-part handle can be dismantled for storing.


Without a doubt, the forward push types are a pleasure to use, this one being far easier than the Parasene. It produced an even finish, plus a satisfying pile of thatch at the end.

VALUE  *****

Had good quality, long lasting components and better wheels. I found it easy to push. Just as effective as an electric scarifier, at a fair price, too.

Others on test included:

16/20 £56.98 Wolf Scarifier UR-M3 and ZM170 handle


14/20 £29.99 Darlac Lawn scarifier DP888. Tel. (01753) 547790 www.darlac.com

12/20 £34.99 Yeoman Rolling lawn reviver (01905) 79198 www.yeomangarden.com

11/20 £24.99 Parasene Lawn Scarifier www.parasene.com

5/20 £18.95 Primrose scarifier (0118)945 9999 www.primrose-london.co.uk