Flower pot cups offer tasty treats for the birds and look good in the borders


You’ll need:

-x3 3ft (1m) stakes (must fit snugly into flowerpot holes)
-8oz (250g) lard and 7oz (200g) shredded suet
-Rosehips / crab apples / berries/ raisins / bird seed
(try www.britishbirdfood.co.uk)
-Bowl for mixing


Step 1 Melt lard and suet on the hob or microwave. Leave to partially set.

Step 2 Poke the thin end of the stake through the pot hole. Trim the end of stick so it’s level with top of pot.

Step 3  Stir your chosen ingredients into the part set lard mixture. They look nice prepared as separate recipes.

Step 4  Pack the lard mixture into the pot, firming as you go. Leave to harden. Insert pot stake in the ground with care.